Sandridge Road Commercial

Sandridge Road Business Centre is a small complex of known brands and businesses located outside of the Bunbury CBD. 




7-9 Sandridge Road, Bunbury


Mixed Business

Unit 1:   Size:      Approx. 340m2

Unit 2:                    Size:      Approx. 294m2

Unit 3:                    Size:      Approx. 108m2

Unit 4:                    Size:      Approx. 108m2

Unit 5:                    Size:      Approx. 237m2

Unit 6:                    Size:      Approx. 286m2

Unit 7 & 8:             Size:      Approx. 605m2

Unit 9:                    Size:      Approx. 277m2

Unit 10:                 Size:      Approx. 851m2



11 Sandridge Road, Bunbury


Unit 1:                    Size:      Approx. 516m2

Unit 3:                    Size:      Approx. 260m2

Unit 2 & 6:             Size:      Approx. 380m2

Unit 4 & 5:             Size:      Approx. 576m2



15 Sandridge Road, Bunbury


Unit 1/2: Size: Approx. 1,321m2

Unit 3:             Size:      Approx. 874m2




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